Advisory Board

In the academic year 2002-2003, the Advisory Board was first introduced into JFV Ouranos. The Advisory Board is tasked with supporting the board and the association as a whole through requested and unrequested advice. The board can always seek advice on association policy from the Advisory Board. This advice is often valuable for boards, as members of the Advisory Board often already have experience in running an association and have therefore seen these kinds of policy issues pass by more than once in their board year.

The Advisory Board also formulates voting advice which is presented to the General Members Assembly on some specific topics. Amongst these topics are the policy plan of the candidate board and the budget. The Advisory Board can also act as a confidant person for board members if there are problems within the board and these cannot be solved within the board.

The Advisory Board consists (preferably) of an odd amount of members with experience within the association and knowledge of its inner workings. The Advisory Board regulates itself and members are appointed indefinitely by the Advisory Board itself to ensure the independence of its opinions.

During the academic year 2023-2024, the Advisory Board consists of the following members:

  • Sylvie Braat (e.t. Chief of Internal Affairs)
  • Juno Klerks (e.t. Secretary)
  • Iris Schütt (e.t. Chief of External Affairs & Vice President)
  • Maarten Post (e.t. President)
  • Irma Koning (e.t. Secretary & Chief of Internal Affairs)
  • Denise Baumsteiger (e.t. Chief of External Affairs & Vice President)

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is an independent body within JFV Ouranos, with checking the bookkeeping, any financial reports, and the actions of the treasurer as its main task. After every check, the Committee reports its findings to the General Members Assembly. Furthermore, the board may be advised by the Audit Committee when it comes to the financial policies of the association.

Members of the Audit Committee are appointed by the General Members Assembly. All members of JFV Ouranos, except for the current board, can be nominated as a member. Several students are studying Tax Law and choose to gain financial experience and knowledge on the Audit Committee. So the Audit Committee is very educational as well. Among other things, you learn how to read a budget, how to audit the accounts, and how to write advice regarding financial policy.

Currently the Audit Committee consists of the following members:

  • Bart Blokker (e.t. Treasurer)
  • Louise Thomeer (e.t. Treasurer)
  • Esmay van Meel
  • Joey Sonnemans
  • Tobias Nuijens