All things in order


Each academic year, the board of JFV Ouranos undergoes a change. Throughout the year, the board is actively engaged in guiding committees, ensuring the financial stability of the association, and creating a positive experience for all members of the association. In short, everything that allows us to create great activities for students at our faculty. The board acts as the point of contact for every member within the association and also for external partners with whom JFV Ouranos cooperates.

Het 40e Bestuur der JFV Ouranos

Board 2023-2024


Emma Daalmans
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Tessa Schriders
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Benaissa Oualkadi
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Chief of Internal Affairs

Femke Nix
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Chief of External Affairs

Robert van Abswoude
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Chief of Media and Education & Vice President

Prescilla Reutelingsperger
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