Meet List LEX

List LEX exists for all students

Our goal is to better represent your interests within the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Law and within the University Council. We want to evolve our faculty and university by involving its students!

Good representation

Better education!

  • Quality of education
  • Student wellbeing
  • Communicatie en transparantie
  • Study facilities
  • Community feeling
  • Sustainability

The Faculty and University Council plays a major role in the proper functioning of the faculty and university. By law, the Faculty Council has the right to approve matters, be informed of issues, and have the right of initiative. The University Council, on the other hand, strives to improve the university through openness, transparency, and cooperation within the university. Moreover, both councils strive to prevent any form of discrimination and to promote equal treatment of men and women, people with disabilities or chronic illnesses, and people from immigrant backgrounds (WWW art. 9.32.3 - 4). Those who serve on the Faculty Council on behalf of List LEX focus on the following issues:

The share of JFV Ouranos

These members serve on the Faculty Council

Stella Milzarek

Faculty Council

Cristian Rusu

Faculty Council

They fight on your behalf for all the issues students care about. The gap between teacher and student must be bridged. There should also be more room for self-improvement and the development of soft skills. Furthermore, more guidance should be provided to students. Do you have questions or comments for our representatives? If so, send an email to!


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List LEX stands for?

Programme faculty

Read our Faculty Council election program here.

Programme university

Read our University Council election program here.

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